Zephyros Table Top


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Zephyros is the world's first disposable filter system for nail dust collectors. Zephyros is powerful, hygienic and convenient.

Other brands' nail dust collectors require to shake off the dust and reuse, or to remove dust from a bag and then reuse. A significant amount of dust occurs during shaking off and cleaning, which defeats the purpose of a dust-free environment to protect both nail techs and clients. Since Zephyros uses a single-use filter system, all you need to do is to wrap your filter and bin it - no dust in the air to accidentally inhale.

  • Comes with 30 filters.
  • Powerful and adjustable fan speed.
  • Aluminium body, acetone and alcohol resistant.
  • Certified medical filters blocks 99.9% of fine dust.
  • 240V NZ & AU Plug (no adaptor needed).
  • Size: W 18.9cm * L 28cm * H 10.5cm.

Available in Silver, Gold & Pink.


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