Beauty Bestie's mission is to provide the highest quality nail products and tools to the modern nail techs of New Zealand & Australia, so you can create beautiful, long lasting manicures for your clients. Recently under new ownership, Keeta has continued to expand our already extensive product range and improve customer experience. We are the authorised distributor of Luminary nail systems, Kokoist USA, Ericas ATA, Zephyros dust collectors & Saeyang e-file. 

Luminary nail Systems offers a one-step builder gel that is as strong as acrylic and as flexible as hard gel. Multi-Flex gel is a revolutionary soakable soft gel that creates beautiful structured manicures ideal for growing out natural nails. Luminarys gel is a universal base that allows for techs to apply only one product as a base and colour all in one. Featuring 12 pink and nude shades for all skin tones, Luminarys multi-flex gel can be used alone or underneath all pure gel colors.

Ericas ATA creates tools you can count on! With over 30+ years of experience in the nail industry, Ericas is a family owned business and a proud U.S Manufacturer of efficient cutting tools to help techs work safely and efficiently. Providing the highest quality bits at an affordable price, Ericas supplies all the tools & techniques you need to safely exfoliate cuticles, prep the nail plate and remove product.

Zephyros is the world's first disposable filter system for nail dust collectors. Awareness for nail tech health is at an all time high and Zephyros dust collectors have quickly become a popular hit worldwide for their powerful, hygienic and convenient performance. Zephyros disposable filters are medically certified to block 99% of fine dust creating a healthy dust-free environment for both tech and clients. 

Saeyang is a well known korean brand and manufacturer of expert electronic machinery who stand for quality, reliability and care. With the lightest available on the market, Saeyang hand pieces are renowned for being both smooth running yet robust enough for the day to day demands and a busy nail tech. 
Compared to cheap alternatives available online, Saeyang are really in a league of their own for power and performance.