Beauty Bestie is the authorised distributor of Luminary Nail Systems throughout New Zealand.

Bonnie, director and head nail technician of Index Studio is the creator of Beauty Bestie. Bonnie has only been in the nail industry since the beginning of 2017, however she quickly became one of Auckland's most popular and reputable nail technicians, booking out weeks in advance and making waves in the New Zealand modern nail tech community. She does her research and has always been learning new techniques and on the hunt for the best products to provide the best services possible.  



“A Gel As Strong As You”—Luminary Nail Systems to launch builder gel that LASTS. 

Featuring the strongest adhesion power on the market and all in one application, chipped nails and long application times are a thing of the past. Customers can grow their natural nails while enjoying a long-lasting manicure and techs can forego primer, saving professionals and consumers both time and money. 

Kelly and Chris VanDahl, founders of Luminary Nail Systems, created the base coat and colour combo in a bottle with nail techs in mind. “We wanted to bring a product to the market that would save nail techs money and in general make their lives easier.”

Multi-flex gels are available in ten nude/pink colours, black, white and clear.