Kokoist Boba Gel - Low Viscosity


Boba Gels are a 3D modeling gel that has a gummy-like texture.
You can create your own original parts and so on. Easy to use with Chrome Pens for trendy ring nails!

*This product is not a nail cosmetic. Do NOT apply directly to your natural nails.
*Curing time depends on how much product that was used. (LED 60 seconds ~ UV 120 seconds or more ~)
*Please use a non-wipe top coat when using Chrome Pens or powder with BOBA Gel. 
*Do NOT touch directly with your hands. Please use gloves when handling. 
*Do NOT leave the product lid open. Due to the characteristics of the product, it may harden. 
*Shelf life: Approximately 1 year

    This product is intended for professionals only. All sales are final.
    View & Download MSDS HERE 
    This item is not cosmetic-grade product. Made in China

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