Recommended application:

1. Prep 

2. Use our primer “Commit” if you plan on filing down and filling. If you plan on soaking off you can apply “Commit” to the free edge or not at all, your choice. This gel has great adhesion on its own, but each client is individual, so experimentation may have to take place if you do not intend on using primer.

3. Apply a thin layer of Multi-Flex and cure for 30 sec LED 

4. Grab a larger amount and work from cuticle to free edge, floating the gel or do a few thin layers. What's amazing about this gel is there are no rules. Apply as thick or as thin as you'd like.

5. OPTIONAL: Turn your client's hand upside down, let the gel form a perfect arch (moving with a small detail brush if necessary)

6. Turn your client's hand back over, let the gel settle back down, check your line of light and have them immediately go into the lamp, 30seconds for a thin layer and 60 seconds for a thicker layer. Work 1 finger at a time.

7. Apply gel polish if desired and cure

8. Apply “Empower” top coat, cure 60 sec LED

9. You're finished!

* If you feel the need to finish file after your base application you may do so, but before applying gel colour or top coat apply a layer of “Commit” first to ensure proper adhesion of the gel polish.