Proper care is important to keep your brushes in pristine condition.  Following the advice below will help you get the most out of your brushes for the longest time possible.

PREP - Brush bristles are coated in a thin clear film during manufacturing to keep the brush in shape. This MUST be cleaned out before use. Remove the plastic sleeve and gently roll the bristles between your fingers to break up the film. Dip in isopropyl alcohol and wipe against a lint free wipe until no film remains. 

PRIME - Put a small amount of base gel on a palette and run your brush through it multiple times in all directions and angles till each bristle is coated in gel. Wipe the brush along a dry lint free wipe to remove excess gel. Priming your brush will help gel move more fluidly when working and keep your bristles conditioned when not in use. 

QUICK CLEAN - To clean your brush quickly when switching between colours gently wipe your brush on a dry lint free wipe to remove excess gel. Run your brush through base coat back and forth, saturating all bristles and remove excess gel again. You may need to repeat the process if you are using a high pigment gel. 

DEEP CLEANSING - Sometimes it is necessary to completely cleanse all product from your brush and start fresh. Wet a lint free wipe with alcohol and gently wipe out all visible product. Saturate brush in alcohol and use a clean lint free wipe dry thoroughly.  Reprime your brush before storing. 

STORAGE - Always replace cap carefully and keep away from sunlight and your lamp to prevent curing. Store your brush flat or bristles pointing down in a brush holder to ensure product is not seeping into the ferrule. 

RESHAPING - Occasionally a bristle may separate from the rest. Try the following techniques to reshape your brush before considering it ruined.

  • Dip your brush into boiled water and hold for a few seconds. Dry the brush thoroughly and reprime before storing.  
  • If the above technique does not work, load up your brush with base gel and securely wrap with glad-wrap to hold the bristles in shape. Let sit for as long as possible before cleansing and repriming. 
  • As a last resort you can remove the frayed bristles. Use sharp cuticle nippers and slide the blade between the bent bristles and the rest of the brush. Cut bristles one by one leaving 1mm at the ferrule.