Quality brushes will last you a lifetime if you give them the TLC they deserve. Brush Cleaning Gel and this brush care guide will be your best friends in keeping your brushes in pristine condition for the longest time possible.

PREP - Some brushes will come coated in a thin clear film to help keep shape during manufacturing. This MUST be cleaned out before use. Gently roll the bristles between your fingers to break up the film and “fluff” the debris away.

PRIME - With a small amount of brushing cleaning gel on a palette and run your brush through it multiple times in all directions and angles till each bristle is coated in gel. Wipe the brush along a dry lint free wipe to remove excess gel. Priming your brush will help gel move more fluidly when working and keep your bristles conditioned when not in use. 

QUICK CLEAN - When swapping between similar products/coloured gels, gently wipe off excess gel on a lint free wipe and then saturate in your next gel. Wipe off excess gel again to remove majority of the previous gel before working with the your next gel.

DEEP CLEANSING - To cleanse your brush throughly from all previous coloured gels, gently wipe your brush on a dry lint free wipe to remove excess gel. “Bounce” your brush in brush cleaner gel till you see the colour start to disperse. Remove excess gel on a dry lint free wipe and repeat. You may need to repeat the process a few times if you are using a high pigment gel.

STORAGE - Always replace cap carefully and keep away from sunlight and your lamp to prevent curing. Store your brush flat or bristles pointing down in a brush holder to ensure product is not seeping into the ferrule.

LIMIT - Alcohol and acetone will dry out the bristles of your brush and drastically shorten their lifespan. If you ever need to use acetone to remove cured product make sure you re-prime your brush before using it again.

MORE ON BRUSH CLEANING GEL - Brush cleaning gel is made specifically to extend the life of your gel brushes. It is made from 100% gel but doesn’t contain any curing agents (photo-initiators) so will never cure. This also means its a great safe guard to prevent product from curing between your bristles.